A. D. Miller poet

AD at Yosemite

A. D. Miller, Poet and Memoirist 1922-2020

Happy 100th Birthday, A.D. Miller!
October 8, 2022.

The community commemorated and celebrated AD’s 100th birthday on Saturday October 8, 2022 at the Berkeley Lawn Bowling Club, 2270 Acton St. at Bancroft Way in Berkeley. 

We shared our favorite AD poems and stories and re-connected his family and friends for a lovely reunion and remembrance. Click here to see a video of the crowd singing him happy birthday shot by AD’s daughter, Pemba Pierini.

Forever Afternoon

   What is death to the caterpillar
                    we call a butterfly

Ladder of success is an image I abhor.

I prefer the double helix, intertwining spirals.

My spirit does not wear down
or wear out, like a car or a shoe.

While my body wanes, waxes my spirit brighter.

I am in eternal metamorphosis.
Constantly consumed,
I consume myself.

Life has no stages; the word resolution
lies; life has questions, connections.

Life is a wheel of fortune, my life
a gift to be passed around the wheel.

Do we ask where does the caterpillar
go when it becomes a butterfly?

The caterpillar does not go, it becomes.

Spirit of caterpillar lives in butterfly,
same heart, beating stronger.